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The Journey of a Career

A Very Brief History


However, those cheap, non-replaceable heads on my first kit barely lasted the year until I received my next kit on Christmas 1967 — with replaceable heads!  I can still feel the excitement of that morning. The same feeling that I still get every time I walk into my studio.

My journey with drumming began at age five, as seen in these photos showcasing my glorious Christmas gift and giving my first performance for dinner guests on Christmas day 1966. It was the start of an incredible journey that would shape and re-shape my life time and time again.


Fast forward to 1980. Upon graduating from high school I knew that I wanted a career in music. However, I felt at 18 years of age that I might starve to death if I was to head to Los Angeles or New York. So, I decided to allow myself to mature a bit and save some money before embarking on a music career and I joined the United States Air Force.

After basic training I entered a 26 week technical training school, where I excelled at such a level of performance that I was asked to remain at the school as an instructor upon completion of my schooling. I was then sent to a 28-week Air Force Instructor Training school where I received intensive training. By the time I was 19 years of age I was a full-blown Air Force Training Command instructor, spending the remaining three years of my 4-year hitch teaching. This teaching gig also allowed me to have my drum kit, as I was able to live off base. This gave me four more years to sharpen my skills on the kit. 

When my 4-year hitch in the USAF was up, I declined reenlistment, was honorably discharged and headed for Los Angeles to start my career in the music & entertainment industry, which is a very long 30-year story that that I am going to forgo for now, but which led me to the wonderful life I lead today.

Two other entrepreneurial projects that I am very proud of are DIY Road Cases® and Crepe Expectations®.  

DIY Road Cases® was an all-encompassing instructional system for building road/flight cases. I had been building my own road cases since my Air Force days, so teaching others seemed to be a logical step. Aside from the instructional programs I also partnered with one of the largest case parts and materials manufacturers in the world who made all the parts and materials sold on my online store, which made DIY Road Cases® a one-stop shopping entity for do-it-yourselfers around the globe. I eventually licensed my concept to other case parts providers and then sold DIY Road Cases® in 2018 to one of the largest case companies in the world. If you click here, or simply Google "diy road cases", or "build your own road case" you'll see that my creation is still very much alive and well today.

Crepe Expectations® is a fabulous restaurant in Las Vegas that my wife and I created in 2010. My wife is an amazing chef and was all things culinary and front of the house, while I handled the business end. The restaurant was featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and has been a popular destination for not only locals, but vacationers from around the world. We sold the restaurant in 2016, but if you click here, or simply Google "crepe expectations" you'll see how well-regarded and popular it still is today.

Larry in Garden.jpg

I haven't toured or worked much in commercial recording studios since I retired in 2010 at 48 years of age. But by that time a lot had changed technology-wise and I was able to continue working on select projects from my home studio during my retirement.

This has also allowed me to concentrate on teaching, motivational speaking, my passion for creating art and this website. Soooo, maybe not so retired LOL.

Me, my wife and our pets lead a quiet & peaceful life, spending most of our time now at our lakeside mountain home in Mexico to avoid the Las Vegas climate and rat race that Vegas has become..

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