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Not Your Average Drum Clinic

Welcome to the drum clinic that is anything but ordinary! My unique events are designed to enlighten drummers of all skill levels in not only the art of drumming, but in how to effectively take that art and turn it into a lucrative career. If you can imagine yourself sitting behind a drum kit for a living, then learn what it takes to make it happen!

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Trust in the countless hours of practice and dedication you've put in to take you where you want to be.

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Guitar Center Clinic

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Mesa Open Air Drum Festival

Drumming? Of Course!

Yes, yes, yes . . . there will be drumming! Just because I have a reputation for covering much more than just drumming doesn't mean there'll be any lack of head bashing and cymbal smashing! But I will cover other aspects of drums and drumming. You can get all the drum tutorials and lessons you need any day of the week from your instructor, social media, books, MY instructional content, etc. I cover the stuff you won't get on a daily basis and answer all your questions! 

Don't be afraid to fail. Every pro drummer has been turned down more than once. Each misstep is an opportunity mature, learn and grow.

Knowing the Business is Your Business!

Let's be honest, most of us drummers have dreams of playing professionally. Let's be realistic, the odds are against us. Let's be prepared, because drumming professionally is indeed a business. You can be the most talented drummer in the world, but if you don't develop a head for business, you'll be the most talented drummer in your basement. I cover the things that will greatly improve your odds. 

Be patient, determined and persistent. Achieving success is a marathon, not a sprint. Most overnight successes are years in the making.

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House of Blues Drum Day

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NAMM Show Campus Workshop

Life is a Beat Unto It's Own

When pursuing a dream you can bet life will certainly get in the way. There are many things out there eagerly waiting to trip you up: people, money, time, health, ability, location, age, experience, personality, discrimination, opportunity, confidence, reputation, timing, and circumstance. Becoming successful requires the ability to effectively navigate all of them. I'll share my wisdom and experience to help you maneuver through, around and over these hurdles.

A good player with great attitude will go much further than a great player with a bad attitude. Always remain confident, but with humility.

Lyle Anderson

Guitar Center

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"I've been involved in setting up a lot of musician clinics over the years, and have also attended my fair share of them. Larry's clinic during our Summer Night Session series this past summer was one of the most down to Earth and enjoyable clinics I've had the pleasure of attending. It was one of those events that you hate to see come to an end, and I know from talking to many of the attendees afterwards that they shared my same sentiments. I highly recommend Larry's clinic."

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