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Voicemail Greeting


Voicemail Greeting

SKU: LCV8001
$45.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Get a custom or prsonalized voicemail greeting. Available for iPhone and Android.


    - Initial phone or WhatsApp video chat consultation (30 minutes max).
    - A professionally recorded & mixed mono or stereo track ready for use.
    - A PDF with all of the specifications related to the recording.
    - Email support regarding any questions that you may have regarding the session.
    - Follow-up phone or WhatsApp video chat if needed once you have the files (20 minutes max).

    After you make your purchase I will contact you within 24 hours by providing you with a questionnaire and options for scheduling your initial phone or WhatsApp video chat consultation.

    The answers that you provide in your questionnaire, along with the information that I acquire from our initial consultation, will furnish me with what I will need in order to produce the track(s).

    I normally provide the finished product within 24 hours depending on my schedule at the given time, the complexity of the material to be recorded and the number of tracks to be recorded.

    Once I have provided you with the file(s), you may email me as needed with any questions that you may have. You also have the option of a follow-up phone or WhatsApp video chat Q & A to discuss anything related to the recording(s).

    You may request multiple voices of my recording for any project, so that you can use the version that you like best when the time comes. The cost for each additional voice is $10.

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